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Cisnadioara, No. 252, Marginimea Sibiului, Sibiu, Romania



Cisnadioara has almost the character of a mountain village. It is surrounded by forests and hills. The village passed a river on whose banks are located in the old-style households which preserve their specificity.

Cisnadioara’s attractions are in the first time the proximity of the city of Sibiu the European Capital of Culture in 2008, with its beautiful medieval ruins, and on the other side open to the Carpathians, whose exploration will become for each one unique adventure.

Cisnadioara is also famous for fortified church where there are different events, concerts and theater festivals. Although its popularity is growing village, has kept intimate nature. Here are several food shops, cafes and restaurants and a post office. Buses connect the village and the city of Sibiu or Cisnadie.

- ATV tours;
- Short hiking / walking in the neighborhood;
- Bike Tours on the asphalt road, high slope on the access road of the
mountains. Light shifts can be made to other villages in Marginimea;
- High-mountain hike on the mountain ridge Cindrel can start in
Rasinari, west. Ridges are initially traveling in the right resort to
Paltinis, which takes less than one day.

From here the ridge continues on the ridge above the alpine forest to win the progressive (and therefore relatively little effort) to the top Cindrel 2244m altitude, then descend to Oasa, which means one day very long.

- Fortified Church of Cisnadioara
- Rasinari
- Paltinis
- The city of Sibiu

Every time of year, we have fresh news and special offers for you. Do not hesitate to visit us escaping from city crowds to relax in an oasis of comfort in conditions to high standards. Visit us at Cisnadioara!
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SubCetate guest house offers a modern conference hall with 25 seats, equipped with latest equipment: Internet access, computer, printer, television and DVD player.
Conference hall at Cisnadioara
The guest house has 34 beds with a great setting specific area. The tradition blends with modern you will have all the modern facilities in the unique atmosphere of the traditional households.
Accomodation at Cisnadioara
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